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    • 1. Describe the Problem, as if was describing it to someone else.
      2. Why does it make logical sense that you would react, think, or feel that way?
      3. Why is that logic flawed?
      4. What is the correct way to handle the situation?
      5. Why is that correction correct?


      1. Checking the results to see if I’m winning or loosing


      2. For certainty or affirmations of how I’m running? To get a feel for how good I am, how much I’m owning the game.


      3. Not even 3 months will give a 100% certain answer. Let alone 1 month, 1 week, 1 day, 1 session. That’s a joke. Everything can change in 1 session, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month.

      It just reinforces the illusion of control, past, ego. Of being attached to something that I don’t have control over and its already gone. What does the results even matter? Its already in the past. I only have 3 options, stagnate, quit or improve.


      4. The only certainty is how much Im studying and improving. The rest will take care of itself. Until im number 1 I can always be better. There are at least 1.000 players at the same level that are better than me. That’s the best motivation!

      if im unsure about if im playing bad or if its just variance, look through the hands. If its variance do more of what im doing, if its bad play, study and improve. Focus on what is real, solid and controllable. Mark hands, learn their lines. This gives me an opportunity to show what I know. If Im unsure about if its variance or lack of knowledge. If I played correctly I already won.



      5. Checking results is pointless. I don’t learn anything from it. They are just temporary. I already know that Im a winning player, but that’s not enough for me. I going to be one of the best. Where Im at now is only temporary, the results are only temporary. Improve what I have control over, and the rest will take care of itself. That’s more certain than anything else visible.
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    • Notes from James Obst RIO video:

      Are you really a great competitor?

      You need to be self-reliant. Rate yourself as a competitor from 1-10.

      Is this you?

      All in pre AK vs AQ:

      “Don’t worry guys, the Q is coming, just watch.”

      “How many times have you been dealt AA or KK so far? I haven’t been dealt them once this whole tourney.”

      “Man, (well known reg) is so fucking bad.”

      “God damn it, I knew he had it and I still called anyway, I’m so fucking bad.”

      “Busted. Got this guy to put in 60bb with 33 preflop and he gets there. I couldn’t have played better for 4 days straight and this happens.”
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